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a mountain climber, especially in the Alps.
a downhill skier, especially one engaging in competitive slalom and downhill events.
Historical Examples

From that terrible alpinist issued I know not what mysterious aura which lightened and buoyed up every one.
Tartarin On The Alps Alphonse Daudet

The alpinist was dumfounded, silent—in him the acme of stupefaction.
Tartarin On The Alps Alphonse Daudet

One of the horticulturists to whom I have referred was something of an alpinist and was married to a Swiss lady.
The Foundations of Japan J.W. Robertson Scott

Never within the memory of guides was there seen such an alpinist.
Tartarin On The Alps Alphonse Daudet

Then between the white and rosy Alp and the alpinist a little dialogue took place regularly, which was not without its grandeur.
Tartarin On The Alps Alphonse Daudet

The costume of the alpinist, his spectacles, his accent, were quite enough to confound him in their minds with those agents.
Tartarin On The Alps Alphonse Daudet

What a difference between the neophyte he then was and the first-class alpinist he felt he had become!
Tartarin On The Alps Alphonse Daudet

The unfortunate alpinist puffed, sweated, and replied with “Coquin de bon sort!”
Tartarin On The Alps Alphonse Daudet

a mountaineer who climbs in medium-sized glaciated mountain areas such as the Alps


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