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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association
Historical Examples

Nêidam hjara ônthlita thêr brun by wêr, alsa wrdon hja thesto lêdliker thêr thrvch.
The Oera Linda Book Anonymous

alsa tha ståra om jrtha omswyrmia swirmadon hjara bårn om hja.
The Oera Linda Book Anonymous

Wr.alda is alsa êvg ånd hi is vnendlik, thervmb nis thêr nawet buta him.
The Oera Linda Book Anonymous

Men thrvchdam sin lêva stêdes forthga, alsa ne mêi thêr nawet vppa sin stêd navt bilywa.
The Oera Linda Book Anonymous

Ptholemêus, alsa hête thene forst thêr welda ovir Êgiptaland.
The Oera Linda Book Anonymous

alsa minlik hêdon hja hjara selva anståled that tha månniska ra allerwêikes halda wilde.
The Oera Linda Book Anonymous


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