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a river in SE Georgia, formed by the Oconee and Ocmulgee rivers and flowing to the Atlantic Ocean. 137 miles (220 km) long.
Historical Examples

But when towns and forts were planned and begun on the Altamaha their opposition became more outspoken.
The Moravians in Georgia Adelaide L. Fries

“We are from over the river,” answered the man, meaning the Altamaha.
Stories Of Georgia Joel Chandler Harris

Oglethorpe remained on the Altamaha but a few days, and then returned to Savannah for the rest of his colonists.
The Moravians in Georgia Adelaide L. Fries

Before arriving at this place they crossed a great river which was either the Oconee or the Altamaha River.
Original Narratives of Early American History Vaca and Others

In the Altamaha River there are several species of unios—such, for instance, as the wonderful spinous unio—not found elsewhere.
Evolution Joseph Le Conte

The Altamaha had had but little success, and was comparatively empty.
Memoirs of Service Afloat, During the War Between the States Raphael Semmes

The white mullet, shad, and perch of the Altamaha are the most excellent animals that ever went in water.
Records of Later Life Frances Ann Kemble

The stream from whence they are named is an up country river, which, by its junction with the Ocmulgee, forms the Altamaha.
Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation Frances Anne Kemble

The little Altamaha now backed out from the pier into rough water again, and the hissing ceased.
Jupiter Lights Constance Fenimore Woolson

At the mouth of the Altamaha is a small cluster of houses, scarce deserving the name of a village, called Doboy.
Records of Later Life Frances Ann Kemble


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