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Altar call

an evangelist preacher’s invitation at the end of the sermon, asking people to come forward to acknowledge a conversion.
Historical Examples

At the altar call several went forward and found glorious peace at the foot of the cross.
Around Old Bethany Robert Lee Berry

On Sunday at the mission there was a very impressive time, and when the altar call was given a number came forward.
South and South Central Africa H. Frances Davidson


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  • Altar card

    one of three cards having certain portions of the Mass printed on them, placed upright on the altar to assist the memory of the celebrant.

  • Altar cloth

    a cloth covering for an altar. Historical Examples I wish you would, dear, and embroider an altar cloth while you are here. Jewel Clara Louise Burnham He however spread an altar cloth, which he had retained about his person, upon the body of the child. The Adventures of the Chevalier De La Salle and His […]

  • Altar girl

    a female altar server.

  • Altar of repose

    a pedestal or niche upon which the sacraments are preserved from Maundy Thursday to Good Friday.

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