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Altar stone

Historical Examples

Going in she would seat herself on the central or altar stone and give a little time to meditation—to the tuning of her mind.
Dead Man’s Plack and an Old Thorn William Henry Hudson

Must the ciborium containing particles to be consecrated, be placed not merely on the corporal, but also on the altar stone?
The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, Volume 1, March 1865 Various

If he had not owned that he knew that it was the Stonehenge altar stone!
The Magic World Edith Nesbit

Within the horseshoe, and near its apex, lies the famous “altar stone” (A), a block measuring about 16 feet by 4.
Rough Stone Monuments and Their Builders T. Eric Peet

The sun strikes through the arch on to the altar stone at sunrise.
The Magic World Edith Nesbit

Morfed heard it and looked up, setting at the same time his hand on the edge of the altar stone.
A Prince of Cornwall Charles W. Whistler

Before them a standing horseshoe of foreign stones, and in the front of the great Trilithon a flat slab or altar stone.
Stonehenge Frank Stevens

That night, for the first time since he had first gone to sleep on the altar stone, Quentin slept apart from it.
The Magic World Edith Nesbit

(j) A simple recumbent slab of micaceous sandstone called the “altar stone.”
Stonehenge Frank Stevens

This paper had been carelessly folded and placed where he found it, upon the altar stone.
The Katipunan J. Brecknock Watson (AKA Francis St. Clair)


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