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Alter ego

a second self; a perfect substitute or deputy:
His adviser acts as his alter ego during his absence.
an inseparable friend.
another aspect of one’s self.
Contemporary Examples

Revealing herself as both Miriam Weeks and alter ego Belle Knox made her feel vulnerable.
Porn Keeps Up with the Kardashians: Belle Knox on the Mainstreaming of Adult Stars Aurora Snow September 26, 2014

I tried really hard to call upon Meggie Mac, my alter ego, the perfect, polite, and smiling daughter-of.
The Palin Girls Don’t Share Meghan McCain September 16, 2010

She also does something that marks a true rock star—she invents an alter ego.
Indie Rock’s Bewitching New Siren Rachel Syme May 6, 2009

“What we did was, we came up with an alter ego, Ricky Hollywood,” explains Tank.
Shopping with Levi Johnston Renata Espinosa June 15, 2009

Catch comedian Judah Friedlander off-screen and you’ll find his World Champion alter ego.
30 Rock’s Tough Guy Kara Cutruzzula October 5, 2010

Historical Examples

Where don Ramón could not go in person, don Andrés would be present for him, as the chief’s alter ego.
The Torrent Vicente Blasco Ibaez

Has each of us an alter ego, who can really behave, elsewhere?
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, April 5, 1916 Various

You are no longer Lavendale’s alter ego—the careless rake and spendthrift.
Mohawks, Volume 2 of 3 Mary Elizabeth Braddon

It is the care, the management of this house that I have thought of intrusting to you as to an alter ego.
The Nabob Alphonse Daudet

God is his alter ego, his other lost half; God is the complement of himself; in God he is first a perfect man.
The Essence of Christianity Ludwig Feuerbach

a second self
a very close and intimate friend

1530s, from Latin phrase (used by Cicero), “a second self, a trusted friend” (cf. Greek allos ego); see alter and ego.

alter ego al·ter ego (ôl’tər)
Another side of oneself; a second self.
alter ego [(awl-tuhr ee-goh)]

An intimate friend, considered another side of oneself: “He was my alter ego; we were always picking up each other’s thoughts.” Alter ego is Latin for “another I.”


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