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causing or producing alteration.
something that produces alteration.


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  • Alteration

    the act or process of ; the state of being : Alteration will improve the dress. a change; modification or adjustment: There has been an alteration in our plans. Contemporary Examples Close was so distraught by the alteration that she initially refused to take part in the re-shoot. Return of the Bunny Boiler: Fatal Attraction’s […]

  • Alterative

    tending to . Medicine/Medical Obsolete. gradually restoring healthy bodily functions. Medicine/Medical Obsolete. an alterative remedy. Historical Examples Its present use is that of an astringent, tonic, and alterative, and also that of an expectorant. Ginseng and Other Medicinal Plants A. R. (Arthur Robert) Harding The alterative medicine was to be given in tablespoonfuls—two tablespoonfuls to […]

  • Altercate

    to argue or quarrel with zeal, heat, or anger; wrangle. verb (intransitive) to argue, esp heatedly; dispute v. 1520s, “to contend with words,” from Latin altercatus, past participle of altercari (see altercation).

  • Altered

    to make different in some particular, as size, style, course, or the like; modify: to alter a coat; to alter a will; to alter course. to castrate or spay. to change; become different or modified. Contemporary Examples The euphemism of losing “situational awareness” could be an evasive way of describing just this altered state. The […]

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