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Alternating pulse

alternating pulse

alternating pulse n.
A pulse pattern that occurs at regular intervals but alternates between weak and strong beats; usually indicates myocardial disease. Also called pulsus alternans.


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  • Alternating series

    a series, usually infinite, in which successive terms have opposite signs, as 1 − ½ + ¼ − ⅛ +. …. Historical Examples They use a piece of quartz or glass, making horizontal and vertical incisions in alternating series. Oriental Women Edward Bagby Pollard The area is thus an alternating series of three wooded slopes […]

  • Alternating tremor

    alternating tremor alternating tremor n. Hyperkinesia characterized by regular, symmetrical, to-and-fro movements produced by patterned, alternating contraction of muscles and their antagonists.

  • Alternating voltage

    a voltage that reverses direction in regular cycles. Historical Examples I want to wait until you have seen what the crystal does when an alternating voltage is applied to it. Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son John Mills

  • Alternating-gradient focusing

    noun (physics) a method of focusing beams of charged particles in high-energy accelerators, in which a series of magnetic or electrostatic lenses alternately converge and diverge the beam, producing a net focusing effect and thus preventing the beam from spreading

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