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the parliament of Iceland, consisting of an upper and a lower house.
Historical Examples

And first the Bishop offered prayer for the sitting of Althing that was then to begin.
The Bondman Hall Caine

Then all was quiet until the time came for folk to ride to the Althing.
The Story of Rolf and the Viking’s Bow Allen French

That you should adjourn this Althing so that every man here present may go out in search of the traitor.
The Bondman Hall Caine

There was no charge to put before the law-givers at Althing.
The Bondman Hall Caine

And Rolf had no right to the land, being outlawed at the Althing.
The Story of Rolf and the Viking’s Bow Allen French

But, Governor or no Governor, let Althing begin its sitting.
The Bondman Hall Caine

He laid the case to the Althing, and then returned to his ship.
Laxdla Saga Anonymous

What was Althing that it should submit to the whim or the will of any Governor?
The Bondman Hall Caine

Now the time goes on until the last of the summoning days before the Althing came.
The story of Burnt Njal Anonymous

I asked him whither he was going; he said he had to fare to the Althing.
The story of Burnt Njal Anonymous

the bicameral parliament of Iceland


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