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a city in central Pennsylvania.
Contemporary Examples

The lines included into the speech solely to appeal to 35-50-year-old white women living in Altoona, Penn.
What If Mitt Romney Said What He Really Thought Thursday Night Matt Latimer August 29, 2012

The town of Altoona, Pa., is renaming itself POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, PA.
Morgan Spurlock’s Juicy Movie Sponsor Lynda Resnick April 21, 2011

Historical Examples

She was on her way West, and reached Altoona on Friday, after untold difficulties.
The Johnstown Horror James Herbert Walker

The Pennsylvania railway had just (p. 065)been opened, and Altoona was just starting.
Charles Carleton Coffin William Elliot Griffis, D. D.

This list does not include the case of a dog in Altoona, Pa., which died immediately on eating some sample headache powders.
The Great American Fraud Samuel Hopkins Adams

The Company is continuing these tests of locomotives at Altoona, Pa.
Inventors at Work George Iles

Travelling was a new experience to me, and on the first night after I left home I lay awake until we reached Altoona.
The Young Forester Zane Grey

The city of Johnstown lies thirty-nine miles west-southwest of Altoona and seventy-eight miles east-by-south of Pittsburg.
The Greater Republic Charles Morris

The relief corps from Altoona found a body near Stony Bridge this morning.
The Johnstown Horror James Herbert Walker

Those who have traveled on the Pennsylvania Railroad may remember how the railroad climbs the escarpment at Altoona.
The Red Man’s Continent Ellsworth Huntington


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