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Aluminum borohydride

a volatile liquid, Al(BH 4) 3 , that ignites spontaneously in air and reacts vigorously with water to form hydrogen, used chiefly in organic synthesis.


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  • Aluminum brass

    an alloy of about 75 percent copper, 2 percent aluminum, small amounts of other elements, and the balance zinc.

  • Aluminum bronze

  • Aluminum carbide

    a yellow, crystalline solid, Al 4 C 3 , that reacts with water to form methane. Historical Examples aluminum carbide yields alumina and methane (marsh gas), another hydro-carbon, the chief constituent of natural gas. The Popular Science Monthly, July, 1900 Various

  • Aluminum chloride

    a yellow-white, crystalline, water-soluble solid that in its white hydrated form, AlCl 3 ⋅6H 2 O, is used chiefly as a wood preservative and in its yellow-white anhydrous form, AlCl 3 , chiefly as a catalyst. Historical Examples These syntheses afford another instance of the singular action of aluminum chloride in attacking the benzene nucleus. […]

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