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Luis Walter, 1911–1988, U.S. physicist: Nobel Prize 1968.
Contemporary Examples

“I asked the doctor what happened and he said he [Jackson] had a ‘bad reaction,’” Alvarez testified.
Jackson Trial’s Shocking Testimony Diane Dimond September 29, 2011

Alone with Murray in the bedroom, Alvarez said he looked to the doctor for guidance during what was clearly a medical emergency.
Jackson Trial’s Shocking Testimony Diane Dimond September 29, 2011

Of particular concern: cesium-137 in the pool, at levels Alvarez estimates at 20 million to 50 million curies.
The Japan Nuke Problem No One’s Talking About Sharon Begley March 13, 2011

But the jury will not hear testimony about how Murray met Alvarez.
The Conrad Murray Trial That Wasn’t Amy Ephron September 28, 2011

Court watchers prepared to see Chernoff skewer Alvarez about waiting so long to tell that story—had he made it all up?
Murray’s Sloppy Paper Trail Diane Dimond November 6, 2011

Historical Examples

Watson Scott found Alvarez Lazaro the soul of polished politeness.
Frank Merriwell’s Pursuit Burt L. Standish

I am simply his friend, Alvarez Lazaro—his friend and his avenger!
Frank Merriwell’s Pursuit Burt L. Standish

“Our plan has been marked by some success after all,” said Alvarez to Braxton Wyatt.
The Free Rangers Joseph A. Altsheler

No, whatever may happen, Alvarez shall never know through me.
Across the Spanish Main Harry Collingwood

With the hearty aid of Richarte and Alvarez, the surveyors did better than I expected.
Inca Land Hiram Bingham

Luis Walter. 1911–88, US physicist. He made (with Felix Bloch) the first measurement of the neutron’s magnetic moment (1939). Nobel prize for physics 1968
American physicist who studied subatomic particles. Alvarez built a device called a hydrogen bubble chamber that made it possible to analyze the reactions occurring between atomic nuclei inside it. His observations led to the theory that protons, neutrons, and electrons are made of quarks. Alvarez won a 1968 Nobel Prize for physics for this work. With his son, geologist Walter Alvarez (born 1940), he later developed a theory that the extinction of dinosaurs was caused by climate changes resulting from a giant asteroid striking the Earth.


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