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Alveolar process

the ridgelike border of the upper and lower jaws containing the sockets of the teeth.
Historical Examples

If the occlusion be not normal, the upper jaw and alveolar process will develop laterally as well as anteriorly.
Degeneracy Eugene S. Talbot

The teeth and their tubercles and the alveolar process are normal.
Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 2 (of 6) Havelock Ellis

What is meant is a piece of the alveolar process, or portion of bone around the alveolus.
Every-Day Errors of Speech L. P. Meredith

In no symptoms is degeneracy so evident as in the stigmata resultant on hypertrophy of the alveolar process.
Degeneracy Eugene S. Talbot

alveolar process n.
The ridge on the surfaces of the upper and lower jaws containing the tooth sockets


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