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Historical Examples

This doctrine of abduction, please your worship, hath been alway inculcated by the soundest of our judges.
Citation and Examination of William Shakspeare Walter Savage Landor

Her daughter was scarce anything to her; it was alway the lad, the lad!
The White Lady of Hazelwood Emily Sarah Holt

The promise he gave his disciples the night before his death has been my mainstay: “Lo, I am with you alway!”
The Centurion’s Story David James Burrell

In this respect he is never absent—“Lo, I am with you alway.”
The Parables of Our Lord William Arnot

Whosomever hath the shall never be vanquysshed; alway shall he have good fortune!
Historical Parallels, vol 2 of 3) Arthur Thomas Malkin

There are alway piratts in dese seas, and always will be, as long as Grecs are Grecs!
Picked up at Sea J.C. Hutcheson

Surely,” said I; “that alway holdeth good with a mother, that the barne which most needeth care is the dearest.
In Convent Walls Emily Sarah Holt

Tis not alway when we think Israel at the lowest that Othniel is raised up to judge us.
Robin Tremayne Emily Sarah Holt

“I alway told thee thou shouldst come to wrack,” added his aunt.
Clare Avery Emily Sarah Holt

But,” said I, “speak they alway the most truth in the Court?
Joyce Morrell’s Harvest Emily Sarah Holt


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