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a Japanese diver, usually a woman, who tends underwater oyster beds used in the cultivation of pearls.
variant of , occurring as the final element in compounds when the first element is a disyllable ending in – r, used so that the entire word maintains the same number of syllables as panorama, :
rollerama; Futurama.
American Management Association.
American Medical Association.
American Motorcycle Association.
Contemporary Examples

States generally trust doctors with prescribing authority—and the ama and state medical associations work to ensure that.
The Triumph of Bureaucracy Over Abortion Rights Michelle Goldberg September 8, 2013

“It’s super boring to see people sit around and draw grids all day,” show host Ryan Devlin host explained on a reddit ama.
I Want to See Your Spreadsheets, Baby: MTV’s ‘Are You the One?’ Is a Mathematical Orgy Brandy Zadrozny December 8, 2014

On Monday, Grandin participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (ama), and the questions were as diverse as her career.
The Most Inspiring Bits of Temple Grandin’s Reddit AMA Emily Shire November 17, 2014

Big insurers, Big Pharma, the ama, big boys play health care.
Why Michelle Is Sliding Linda Hirshman November 12, 2009

It finally happened: George Clooney appeared on Reddit yesterday to have an ama chat to promote his latest film, Monuments Men.
Best Bits From George Clooney’s Suave And Funny Reddit AMA Marina Watts January 28, 2014

Historical Examples

From the appearance of the old lady, she was the ama, the nurse, or governess to the fair girl.
The Prime Minister W.H.G. Kingston

“Get in quickly, Dick, and let us be going,” murmured ama hastily.
A Middy of the Slave Squadron Harry Collingwood

But, ama, you speak of ‘we,’ as though you intended to accompany me.
A Middy of the Slave Squadron Harry Collingwood

All kin of the same generation as his father and mother are ama or ina (father or mother).
Ifugao Law R. F. Burton

Probably a corruption of the popular term “Kafir,” ama being the plural sign.
The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley Bertram Mitford

American Medical Association
Australian Medical Association

Related Terms

against medical advice
Amarillo International Airport
American Management Association
American Medical Association
American Motorcycle Association


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