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  • Amadavat

    . Historical Examples The nutmeg bird or spotted munia (Uroloncha punctulata) is second only to the amadavat as an aviary favourite. Birds of the Plains Douglas Dewar It takes an amadavat a long time to learn that it is safe in its cage. Jungle Folk Douglas Dewar The nest of this little bird is more […]

  • Amadis of gaul

    a Spanish romance of the second half of the 15th century by García de Montalvo, possibly based on Portuguese and French material of the late medieval period.

  • Amadis

    a knight-errant, model of the chivalric hero. Historical Examples At long last Amadis came to Miraflores and met with Oriana, and great was the love between them. Legends & Romances of Spain Lewis Spence Amadis suffers plentifully; yet Oriana can hardly be called “cruel.” A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1 George Saintsbury Amadis […]

  • Amadises

    a knight-errant, model of the chivalric hero. Historical Examples Further indeed it was impossible to go than did mediaeval idealism in the amadises. Euphorion Vernon Lee In heavens name, have we gone back to the time of the Renauds and the amadises? The White House (Novels of Paul de Kock Volume XII) Charles Paul de […]

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