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a spongy substance prepared from fungi, Polyporus (Fomes) fomentarius and allied species, growing on trees, used as tinder and in surgery.
Contemporary Examples

The driver, amadou Diallo, was a courtly African immigrant who made it a point to wear a tie as he worked.
The Mad Shooter of Paris Is a ‘Natural Born Killer’ Christopher Dickey November 20, 2013

From Rodney King to amadou Diallo to Sean Bell, stories of police over-response continue to fill the news.
Police Shoot 137 Times Into Car After Chase, Killing Unarmed Couple Mansfield Frazier December 5, 2012

This has happened before, to amadou Diallo, Abner Louima, Emmett Till—even during the New York City draft riots of 1863.
Not This Again: The Ghost of Past Injustices, From the Draft Riots to Trayvon Herb Boyd July 14, 2013

Just over a dozen years ago, amadou Diallo was shot at 41 times by police officers who mistook his wallet for a gun.
Why the DSK Maid Lied Jesse Ellison July 6, 2011

Historical Examples

I suppose, if the datum has anywhere been admitted to French publications, the word “amadou” has been avoided, and “punk” used.
The Book of the Damned Charles Fort

Thom says that Boletus laricis and Polyporus fomentarius yield the amadou of commerce.
Among the Mushrooms Ellen M. Dallas and Caroline A. Burgin

In this English publication, the word “punk” is not used; the substance is called “amadou.”
The Book of the Damned Charles Fort

Its thick spongy stem, being reduced to charcoal, takes fire like amadou.
A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines Andrew Ure

a spongy substance made from certain fungi, such as Polyporus (or Fomes) fomentarius and related species, used as tinder to light fires, in medicine to stop bleeding, and, esp formerly, by anglers to dry off dry flies between casts


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