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belonging to the plant family Amaryllidaceae.
of, relating to, or belonging to the Amaryllidaceae, a family of widely cultivated flowering plants having bulbs and including the amaryllis, snowdrop, narcissus, and daffodil


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    any of several bulbous plants of the genus Hippeastrum, especially H. puniceum, which has large red or pink flowers and is popular as a houseplant. Compare . Also called belladonna lily, naked lady. a related plant, Amaryllis belladonna, having clusters of usually rose-colored flowers. any of several other similar or related plants. (initial capital letter) […]

  • Amaryllis family

    the plant family Amaryllidaceae, typified by herbaceous plants having alternate or basal lance-shaped leaves, bulbs or corms, and showy, lilylike flowers and including the amaryllis, daffodil, onion and its relatives, and snowdrop.

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