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the practice, quality, or character of an or amateurish performance.
Contemporary Examples

Thorpe was immediately defended around the world as a scapegoat to the elitist—and already hollow—code of amateurism.
The Most Wonderful Athlete in the World: Jim Thorpe’s Story Kate Buford August 4, 2012

By 1982 the Olympic ideal of amateurism was as good as dead.
The Most Wonderful Athlete in the World: Jim Thorpe’s Story Kate Buford August 4, 2012

Historical Examples

But in every branch of politics and some departments of science it was an age of amateurism.
England and Germany Emile Joseph Dillon

Exclamation points must be used sparingly: a row of three or four of them at the end of a sentence is a sign of amateurism.
Short Story Writing Charles Raymond Barrett


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