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Amaurosis fugax

amaurosis fugax

amaurosis fugax amaurosis fu·gax (fōō’gāks’, fyōō’-)
A temporary blindness that may result from transient ischemia caused by an insufficiency of the carotid artery or exposure to centrifugal force.


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  • Amaurotic

    partial or total loss of sight, especially in the absence of a gross lesion or injury. Historical Examples amaurotic (amaurosis, blindness) family idiocy is hereditary, and the child dies at about two years of age. The Ethics of Medical Homicide and Mutilation Austin O’Malley noun (pathol) blindness, esp when occurring without observable damage to the […]

  • Amaurotic pupil

    amaurotic pupil amaurotic pupil n. A pupil in an eye that is blind because of ocular or optic nerve disease, and that contracts in response to light only when the normal eye is stimulated with light.

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    noun a fear of riding in vehicles; also called hamaxophobia , ochophobia See hamaxophobia See ochophobia Word Origin Greek amaxa ‘carriage’

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