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Historical Examples

Lsch ascribed tropical dysentery to an ameba, named by him amba coli, in 1875.
The Fundamentals of Bacteriology Charles Bradfield Morrey

The multiplication of the amba is brought about by a process of fission or division.
The Sea Shore William S. Furneaux

These threads correspond exactly in function with the blunt pseudopodia of the amba.
The Sea Shore William S. Furneaux

They have not the same power of movement, though they do move somewhat as the amba does.
Homo-culture Martin Luther Holbrook

Here the amba may be seen creeping slowly over the slender green threads of the conferv that surround the margin of the pool.
The Sea Shore William S. Furneaux

Seventy feet higher up there was a second hedge, and another gate opening on the flat summit of the amba.
Our Soldiers W.H.G. Kingston

amba Bye rose and said a few soothing words to Tara as she stood over her and raised her up.
Tara Philip Meadows Taylor

amba′to, a town of Ecuador, on the side of Chimborazo, 70 miles south of Quito.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 1 Various

The animal inhabiting the shell is exceedingly simple in structure, even more so than the amba.
The Sea Shore William S. Furneaux

Two attracting bodies that are close enough together will revolve around each other, like the sun and our planet, amba.
Cube Root of Conquest Roger Phillips Graham


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