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a woman who is an .
the wife of an .
Historical Examples

They pursue Kean to his dressing-room at the theatre; where, unluckily, the ambassadress herself has taken refuge.
The Paris Sketch Book of Mr. M. A. Titmarsh William Makepeace Thackeray

After a little hesitation she said it had been exactly that of the French ambassadress.
Human Intercourse Philip Gilbert Hamerton

The Marquess wished to show a part of his domain to the ambassadress.
Coningsby Benjamin Disraeli

It was the first time she had presented an ambassadress in a private audience.
Letters of a Diplomat’s Wife Mary King Waddington

One of my secret seldom-expressed ambitions, even as a girl at College, was to be an ambassadress.
A Journal from Japan Marie Carmichael Stopes

And so it was that Pocahontas went to Jamestown as ambassadress.
The Princess Pocahontas Virginia Watson

An ambassadress of fifty would be very much astonished if the prince did not ask her to dance.
The Art of Entertaining M. E. W. Sherwood

You will be prepared for the occasion, little Stella, even if you end as an ambassadress.
The Pillars of the House, Vol. II (of 2) Charlotte M. Yonge

Neither was the panegyric bestowed by the ambassadress on Madame d’Harville at all exaggerated.
The Mysteries of Paris, Volume 1 of 6 Eugne Sue

She felt that she was an ambassadress of no little importance, as she had been stopped twice on her way.
The New Mistress George Manville Fenn


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