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ambly- pref.
Dull; dim: amblyopia.


Read Also:

  • Amblyaphia

    amblyaphia amblyaphia am·bly·a·phi·a (ām’blē-ā’fē-ə) n. Reduced sensitivity or dullness of the sense of touch.

  • Amblygonite

    a mineral, a lithium aluminum fluorophosphate, Li(AlF)PO 4 : an ore of lithium. noun a white or greyish mineral consisting of lithium aluminium fluorophosphate in triclinic crystalline form. It is a source of lithium. Formula: (Li,Na)Al(PO4)(F,OH)

  • Amblygeustia

    amblygeustia amblygeustia am·bly·geu·sti·a (ām’blĭ-gyōō’stē-ə, -jōō’-) n. A dulled sense of taste.

  • Amblyomma

    amblyomma Amblyomma Am·bly·om·ma (ām’blē-ŏm’ə) n. A genus of ticks of the Ixodidae family, certain species of which are vectors of Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Historical Examples amblyomma americanum, (fig. 158c), the “lone star tick,” is widely distributed in the United States. Handbook of Medical Entomology William Albert Riley In the extreme southern portions of Texas, […]

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