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Historical Examples

This effect is only produced when two substances are present, the amboceptor or immune body and the complement.
Alcoholic Fermentation Arthur Harden

Therefore it is difficult to standardize the serum to get a proper amount of amboceptor for the complement present.
The Fundamentals of Bacteriology Charles Bradfield Morrey

The pathologist would probably object to this interpretation since no amboceptor is needed for agglutination.
The Organism as a Whole Jacques Loeb

Designated by other writers by various synonyms: preventive, or sensibilising substance, immunising body, amboceptor.
Life of Elie Metchnikoff, 1845-1916 Olga Metchnikoff

an immune body formed in the blood during infection or immunization that serves to link the complement to the antigen

amboceptor am·bo·cep·tor (ām’bō-sěp’tər)
The anti-sheep red blood cell antibody used in complement-fixation tests.


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