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a fear of walking
Word Origin

ambulo- ‘walking’


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  • Ambuscade

    an ambush. to lie in ambush. to attack from a concealed position; ambush. Historical Examples They had now reached a place formed by nature for an ambuscade, where the Trasimenus comes nearest to the mountains of Cortona. The History of Rome; Books Nine to Twenty-Six Titus Livius Here a thousand Indians had planted themselves in […]

  • Ambuscado

    . Historical Examples If they mean any treachery, such as a decoy and ambuscado, why, by my conscience! Calavar Robert Montgomery Bird Had these two had wind of the ambuscado and crept out by another door? A Christmas Garland Max Beerbohm So, as I said, he came up with his train to the gate, and […]

  • Ambush

    an act or instance of lying concealed so as to attack by surprise: The highwaymen waited in ambush near the road. an act or instance of attacking unexpectedly from a concealed position. the concealed position itself: They fired from ambush. those who attack suddenly and unexpectedly from a concealed position. to attack from ambush. Contemporary […]

  • Ambush bug

    any of several carnivorous bugs of the family Phymatidae, inhabiting tropical areas in the Americas and Asia, that lie concealed in flowers to prey on insects.

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