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American Movie Classics: a cable television channel.
Contemporary Examples

In its heyday, the miracle of AMC was always greater than the sum of its parts.
Goodbye to My Soap Star Life Michael E. Knight September 19, 2011

While it’s not yet on the level of HBO or Showtime, AMC has the critical notices to take on the pay cable big boys.
The Summer’s Best TV Jace Lacob September 1, 2010

Whether you like or loathe the AMC mystery, you love Holder, the shifty cop played by Joel Kinnaman.
Joel Kinnaman: ‘The Killing’s’ Scene-Stealer Tricia Romano May 24, 2012

Worried that the finale of Breaking Bad—which returns to AMC for its final run of eight episodes on August 11—will be a letdown?
‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan Reveals the Finale Will Be “Victorious” Andrew Romano April 29, 2013

This week, TV gets boozy, AMC premieres another horrifying hit, and a famous heiress reveals all.
The Yes List: Who’s the Biggest Drunk on TV? The Daily Beast October 28, 2010

Low Winter Sun is the first scripted original series to premiere on AMC since those announcements.
‘Low Winter Sun’ Might Be the New ‘Wire’ Andrew Romano August 8, 2013

The Killing This AMC series, an American adaptation of the Danish TV series Forbrydelsen, just wrapped a stellar third season.
Is Life Without CBS Really So Bad for Time Warner Customers? Marlow Stern August 7, 2013

Fans of the AMC hit have seen Megan evolve from an earnest secretary to Mrs. Draper, from struggling actress to soap-opera star.
Megan Draper’s Dramatic Wardrobe Evolution on ‘Mad Men’ Misty White Sidell June 2, 2013

Now AMC has remade The Prisoner for a contemporary audience that might not be familiar with the groundbreaking series.
The Prisoner’s Dilemmas Jace Lacob November 11, 2009

Historical Examples

Caput autem Septimuli, AMC Gracch, ad Opmium reltum aur9 repnsum fertur.
Selections from Viri Romae Charles Franois L’Homond

American Maritime Cases
American Mining Congress
American Movie Classics
antecedent moisture condition
Atlantic Marine Center


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