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American Managed Care and Review Association


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    abbreviation age-related macular degeneration Contemporary Examples Kumar later informed Rajaratnam the amd deal would go down Oct. 7, 2008—the date it actually occurred. Hedge Fund Dominoes Allan Dodds Frank October 17, 2009 Historical Examples Therefore it came to pass that the King set sail and fared all the way northward to amd, and there the […]

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    amd 29000 processor A RISC microprocessor descended from the Berkley RISC design. Like the SPARC design that was introduced shortly afterward, the 29000 has a large register set split into local and global sets. But though it was introduced before the SPARC, it has a more elegant method of register management. The 29000 has 64 […]

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    amd 29027 processor The FPU for the AMD 29000. (1995-01-16)

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    amd am2901 processor A 4-bit bit-slice processor from Advanced Micro Devices. It featured sixteen 4-bit registers and a 4-bit ALU and operation signals to allow carry/borrow or shift operations and such to operate across any number of other 2901s. An address sequencer (such as the 2910) could provide control signals with the use of custom […]

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