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resembling or related to .
Historical Examples

The eel had been challenged by the ameboid monster, and they were fighting for possession of him—the common prey.
Astounding Stories, April, 1931 Various

The known mechanisms for this in the body are ameboid cells, especially the phagocytes.
The Fundamentals of Bacteriology Charles Bradfield Morrey

They embrace and enfold the pathogenic germs with which they come in contact by what is known as an ameboid force.
Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why Martha M. Allen

ameboid a·me·boid or a·moe·boid (ə-mē’boid’)

Of or resembling an ameba, especially in changeability of form and means of locomotion.

Having an irregular or asymmetric outline with peripheral projections, as the outline of a group of cells growing in a nutrient culture.


Read Also:

  • Ameboma

    ameboma ameboma am·e·bo·ma (ām’ə-bō’mə) n. An inflamed, tumorlike, spreading nodule that occasionally develops in chronic amebiasis, often in the wall of the colon. Also called amebic granuloma.

  • Amebula

    amebula amebula a·me·bu·la (ə-mē’byə-lə) n. pl. a·me·bu·las or a·me·bu·lae (-lē’) Any of the young amebas of Entamoeba species and their immediate progeny that emerge from the cyst in the human gut before localizing in the large intestine. The ameboid spores of protozoa and other organisms.

  • Ameburia

    ameburia ameburia a·me·bu·ri·a (ām’ə-byur’ē-ə) n. The presence of amebas in the urine.

  • Amed

    amed Allied and Alternative Medicine

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