to make or become better, more bearable, or more satisfactory; improve:
strategies to ameliorate negative effects on the environment.
to make or become better; improve

1728, perhaps a back-formation from amelioration on pattern of French améliorer. The simpler form meliorate was used in Middle English. Related: Ameliorated; ameliorating.

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  • Ameloblast

    one of a layer of enamel-secreting cells covering the dentin of a developing tooth. noun a type of cell involved in forming dental enamel ameloblast am·e·lo·blast (ām’ə-lō-blāst’) n. A cell of the inner layer of the enamel organ of a developing tooth that is involved in enamel formation.

  • Ameloblastic fibroma

    ameloblastic fibroma ameloblastic fibroma am·e·lo·blas·tic fibroma (ām’ə-lō-blās’tĭk) n. A benign mixed tumor of odontogenic origin, distinguished by a simultaneous neoplastic proliferation of both epithelial and mesenchymal components of the tooth bud without the production of hard tissue.

  • Ameloblastic fibrosarcoma

    ameloblastic fibrosarcoma ameloblastic fibrosarcoma n. A rapidly growing, painful, destructive tumor of the jaw that usually arises through a malignant change in a benign fibroma. Also called ameloblastic sarcoma.

  • Ameloblastic odontoma

    ameloblastic odontoma ameloblastic odontoma n. A benign mixed odontogenic tumor having histological characterisitics of both an odontoma and an ameloblastoma.

  • Ameloblastic layer

    ameloblastic layer ameloblastic layer n. The internal layer of the enamel organ. Also called enamel layer.

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