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it is so; so be it (used after a prayer, creed, or other formal statement to express solemn ratification or agreement).
verily; truly.
an utterance of the interjection “amen.”.
a musical setting for such an utterance.
an expression of concurrence or assent:
The committee gave its amen to the proposal.
a primeval deity worshiped especially at Thebes, the personification of air or breath represented as either a ram or a goose (later identified with Amen-Ra).
Contemporary Examples

amen also told me I looked pale and suggested I get blood work done for a possible vitamin D deficiency.
Can Daniel Amen Read Your Mind? Eliza Shapiro December 13, 2012

Plenty of other Cariocas, as this city’s natives are known, might say amen.
Pope Francis, ‘the Maker of Traffic Jams’ Mac Margolis July 25, 2013

The crowd, the foreclosed and the unforeclosed, erupted with the equivalent of a mighty “amen.”
Barack and the Boss Charles Michener November 2, 2008

The media, cowed by Bush and fed manipulated intelligence by Cheney, formed an amen chorus.
Remembering Robert Byrd Paul Begala June 27, 2010

To that, all but the most rigid ideologues in Congress should be able to say “amen.”
Obama’s Odd New Pals on Immigration John Avlon January 28, 2013

As for my brain, amen called it “beautiful” as he examined slices of my prefrontal cortex and cerebellum.
Can Daniel Amen Read Your Mind? Eliza Shapiro December 13, 2012

The hangers-on gave him an amen while I frantically took notes.
The Stacks: John Schulian’s Classic Profile of Newspaper Columnist Mike Royko John Schulian January 4, 2014

One can hear other leaders in the diverse American religious community nodding, “amen.”
Religious Leaders Hail Obama’s New Ambassador Joshua DuBois July 28, 2014

I told Appelbaum, of Columbia University, what amen had told me about my handwriting and trauma.
Can Daniel Amen Read Your Mind? Eliza Shapiro December 13, 2012

I stopped telling her what amen found in my brain and told her what was on my mind instead.
Can Daniel Amen Read Your Mind? Eliza Shapiro December 13, 2012

so be it!: a term used at the end of a prayer or religious statement
the use of the word amen, as at the end of a prayer
say amen to, to express strong approval of or support for (an assertion, hope, etc)
(Egyptian myth) a local Theban god, having a ram’s head and symbolizing life and fertility, identified by the Egyptians with the national deity Amen-Ra

Old English, from Late Latin amen, from Ecclesiastical Greek amen, from Hebrew amen “truth,” used adverbially as an expression of agreement (e.g. Deut. xxvii:26, I Kings i:36; cf. Modern English verily, surely, absolutely in the same sense), from Semitic root a-m-n “to be trustworthy, confirm, support.” Used in Old English only at the end of Gospels, otherwise translated as Soðlic! or Swa hit ys, or Sy! As an expression of concurrence after prayers, it is recorded from early 13c.

This Hebrew word means firm, and hence also faithful (Rev. 3:14). In Isa. 65:16, the Authorized Version has “the God of truth,” which in Hebrew is “the God of Amen.” It is frequently used by our Saviour to give emphasis to his words, where it is translated “verily.” Sometimes, only, however, in John’s Gospel, it is repeated, “Verily, verily.” It is used as an epithet of the Lord Jesus Christ (Rev. 3:14). It is found singly and sometimes doubly at the end of prayers (Ps. 41:13; 72:19; 89:52), to confirm the words and invoke the fulfilment of them. It is used in token of being bound by an oath (Num. 5:22; Deut. 27:15-26; Neh. 5:13; 8:6; 1 Chr. 16:36). In the primitive churches it was common for the general audience to say “Amen” at the close of the prayer (1 Cor. 14:16). The promises of God are Amen; i.e., they are all true and sure (2 Cor. 1:20).


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