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American beauty

an American variety of rose, periodically bearing large crimson blossoms.
Contemporary Examples

There was the Best Picture winner at the Oscars, American Beauty.
Complaining Like It’s 1999: ‘Fight Club,’ ‘American Beauty,’ and the Revolt of the Cubicle Drone Arthur Chu June 2, 2014

Status: Director Sam Mendes has had luck with tales of suburban malaise before: his American Beauty took home a gold statue.
The Oscar Recession Willa Paskin November 10, 2008

Historical Examples

The lotus was part of the very life of Egypt, as the rose, the American Beauty rose, is part of our social life of to-day.
The Spell of Egypt Robert Hichens

The first day he came down to the lunch, all dressed up with the American Beauty and the white waistcoat.
Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town Stephen Leacock

These may be made by using the same pattern as for the American Beauty rose, selecting the size required.
Make Your Own Hats Gene Allen Martin

Two orderlies carried a wreath of American Beauty roses which was to be placed on the tomb of the ardent young Frenchman.
The Story of General Pershing Everett T. (Everett Titsworth) Tomlinson

People called you the American Beauty, but you’re more than that.
The Light of Western Stars Zane Grey

Ruth Morton, the American Beauty, stepped upon the screen, a compelling vision of loveliness.
The Film of Fear Arnold Fredericks

But as the perfume of the great American Beauty reached her, she opened her eyes and smiled weakly.
The Little Colonel’s Holidays Annie Fellows Johnston


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