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American Spanish.


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  • Amery ice shelf

    an ice barrier in Antarctica, in the SW Indian Ocean, bordered by Enderby Land on the N and American Highland on the W.

  • Ames

    a city in central Iowa. Contemporary Examples Sara Nelson talks to Zaslow about his new book, The Girls From Ames. Sully’s New Co-Pilot Sara Nelson June 8, 2009 But Pawlenty then ran out of money after not meeting expectations in the Ames straw poll, so he dropped out of the race. Mitt Romney’s Minnesota Defeat […]

  • Ames test

    a test that exposes a strain of bacteria to a chemical compound in order to determine the mutagenic potential of the compound. noun a method of preliminary screening for carcinogens, based on their ability to cause mutations in bacteria Ames test n. A test in which strains of Salmonella that are unable to synthesize histidine […]

  • Amesace

    . the lowest throw at dice, the double ace. bad luck; misfortune. the smallest amount or distance. noun a variant spelling of ambsace noun double ace, the lowest throw at dice bad luck

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