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a purple or violet quartz, used as a gem.
a purplish tint.
having the color of amethyst.
containing or set with an amethyst or amethysts:
an amethyst brooch.
Contemporary Examples

Azalea—then amethyst Kelly—was born in Sydney and moved to Miami when she was 16.
Stop Being So Surprised By the Rise of Iggy Azalea Kevin Fallon May 29, 2014

Historical Examples

The glory behind the tremendous rock faded, giving place to tender tints of pearl and amethyst.
Prisoners of Hope Mary Johnston

He wondered who had been inspired to dress her in that white and amethyst combination.
Glory of Youth Temple Bailey

It was a single, small object, perfectly white, dropping out of the amethyst.
The Blind Spot Austin Hall

At her throat, she had a cameo, and on her left hand, an amethyst set in tiny pearls.
Rope Holworthy Hall

The trees, too, were beginning to show the pale tints of spring, and an amethyst haze enveloped the hills.
Mistress Anne Temple Bailey

She had dropped the amethyst, by some incomprehensible mischance.
Earth’s Enigmas Charles G. D. Roberts

We were eighty-four hundred feet in air, on a spur of amethyst or Specimen Mountain.
Lippincott’s Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Volume 26, July 1880. Various

On the distant heights the gray deepened gradually to amethyst.
The Child of Pleasure Gabriele D’Annunzio

She looked down at the logs—smouldering now and with no more flame of rose-pink and amethyst.
A Butterfly on the Wheel Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull

a purple or violet transparent variety of quartz used as a gemstone. Formula: SiO2
a purple variety of sapphire; oriental amethyst
the purple colour of amethyst

violet quartz, late 13c., ametist, from Old French ametiste (Modern French améthyste) and directly from Medieval Latin amatistus, from Latin amethystus, from Greek amethystos “amethyst,” literally “not intoxicating,” from a- “not” + methyskein “make drunk,” from methys “wine” (see mead (n.1)); based on the stone’s ancient reputation for preventing drunkenness, which was perhaps sympathetic magic suggested by its wine-like color. People wore rings made of it before drinking. Spelling restored from Middle English ametist.
A purple or violet, transparent form of quartz used as a gemstone. The color is caused by the presence of iron compounds in the crystal structure.

one of the precious stones in the breastplate of the high priest (Ex. 28:19; 39:12), and in the foundation of the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:20). The ancients thought that this stone had the power of dispelling drunkenness in all who wore or touched it, and hence its Greek name formed from _a_, “privative,” and _methuo_, “to get drunk.” Its Jewish name, _ahlamah’_, was derived by the rabbins from the Hebrew word _halam_, “to dream,” from its supposed power of causing the wearer to dream. It is a pale-blue crystallized quartz, varying to a dark purple blue. It is found in Persia and India, also in different parts of Europe.


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