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(in medieval legend) the leader of the knights of the Holy Grail
Historical Examples

He realises that the seductions aimed at him are those to which amfortas succumbed, and he bids the accursed sorceress begone.
Richard Wagner His Life and His Dramas W. J. Henderson

Is the Grail, too, then turned into a mocking spirit to the unhappy amfortas?
Parsifal H. R. Haweis

It can not wound the guileless and pure one as it wounded the sinful amfortas.
Parsifal H. R. Haweis

“No, uncover it not,” cries amfortas, in a passion of despair.
Richard Wagner and his Poetical Work Judith Gautier

amfortas waves it to and fro—the knights gaze in ecstatic adoration.
Parsifal H. R. Haweis

Growing old, he has delegated his headship to his son amfortas.
The Opera R.A. Streatfeild

In her rage she discloses to Parsifal that it was Klingsor who wounded amfortas with the sacred spear.
Richard Wagner His Life and His Dramas W. J. Henderson

The Fool, though guileless, has not been enlightened by pity to inquire the cause of amfortas’s wound.
Stories of the Wagner Opera H. A. Guerber

Shield-bearers and serving-brothers then enter, bearing the litter upon which amfortas lies.
Richard Wagner and his Poetical Work Judith Gautier

The cause of the maimed kings (amfortas) hurt is his having taken up arms in the cause of worldly and unlawful love.
Studies on the Legend of the Holy Grail Alfred Nutt


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