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an oblong vestment, usually of white linen, worn about the neck and shoulders and partly under the alb.
Historical Examples

Is this the amice of the friar you saw issue from the copse?
Tales of the Wonder Club, Volume II Alexander Huth

But no one had seen the child that morning, and amice declared he was not in the house.
Penshurst Castle Emma Marshall

After amice’s death her son used the title and claimed the estates of that earldom.
The History of England T.F. Tout

As for the amice and the albe, they retain the very names they bore in Numa’s day.
The Cloister and the Hearth Charles Reade

The apparel of the amice cannot be too rich in its ornamentation.
Rites and Ritual Philip Freeman

I observed a peculiar patch in his amice over the left shoulder.
Tales of the Wonder Club, Volume II Alexander Huth

Others brought a cope of the colour of the day, with an amice, stole, and maniple.
English Monastic Life Abbot Gasquet

Instead of the amice we sometimes find a scarf or cloth tied in a knot around the neck, the ends falling down in front.
Fictitious & Symbolic Creatures in Art John Vinycomb

On some he put their stole, on others their amice, on the deacons the alb.
The Legend of Ulenspiegel, Vol. II (of 2) Charles de Coster

The priest made the sign of the cross, and took up the amice from the vestments that lay folded on the altar.
By What Authority? Robert Hugh Benson

(Christianity) a rectangular piece of white linen worn by priests around the neck and shoulders under the alb or, formerly, on the head
another word for almuce
Associate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers


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