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Amicus usque ad aras

a friend to the last degree.


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    in the middle of; surrounded by; among: to stand weeping amid the ruins. during; in or throughout the course of. variant of before a vowel: amidase. Contemporary Examples amid their screams of fury, one woman could be heard shouting into a phone, “People are sick of the soap opera!” Hosni Mubarak’s Final Tragedy Christopher Dickey […]

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    a Buddha who rules over paradise, enjoying endless and infinite bliss. a paradise believed by the followers of a Mahayana sect (Pure Land sect) to be ruled over by a Buddha (Amida) whose hope it is to bring all beings into it. Historical Examples Farzman knew full well that the Persians in Amida could not […]

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    a liturgical prayer that is recited in standing position at each of the three daily services and consists of three opening blessings, three closing blessings, and one intermediate blessing on the Sabbath and holy days and 13 intermediate blessings on other days. noun (Judaism) the central prayer in each of the daily services, recited silently […]

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