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a city in and the capital of Somme, in N France: cathedral; battles 1914, 1918, 1944.
a river in N France, flowing NW to the English Channel: battles, World War I, 1916, 1918; World War II, 1944. 150 miles (241 km) long.
a department in N France. 2424 sq. mi. (6280 sq. km).
Capital: Amiens.
Contemporary Examples

With 24 percent unemployment in north Amiens, it’s not surprising things get tense.
French Rage Explodes in Riots Christopher Dickey August 13, 2012

Historical Examples

A letter from Amiens caused the alarm in London by asserting that I did not wish for peace.
Joseph Bonaparte John S. C. Abbott

We left Boulogne at 7.20 the same evening, and reached Amiens at 9.
1914 John French, Viscount of Ypres

Then followed a week’s brilliant defense of the road to Amiens.
The Story of the Great War, Volume VII (of VIII) Various

It happened that he arrived in France just at the moment of the Peace of Amiens.
The Hour and the Man Harriet Martineau

One followed the right bank of the Somme, passed Peronne, and thence on to Amiens.
Yolanda: Maid of Burgundy Charles Major

When we get to Creil I know a farmer there who goes as far as Amiens to get eggs and things.
Nobody’s Girl Hector Malot

The first act deals with the meeting of the lovers at Amiens and their flight to Paris.
The Opera R.A. Streatfeild

I wonder if they ate duck-pies at Amiens in the spring of 1918?
A History of the French Novel, Vol. 2 George Saintsbury

It occupied his chief attention from his return to England until the peace of Amiens.
The English Utilitarians, Volume I. Leslie Stephen

a city in N France: its Gothic cathedral is the largest church in France. Pop: 135 501 (1999)
a department of N France, in Picardy region. Capital: Amiens. Pop: 557 061 (2003 est). Area: 6277 sq km (2448 sq miles)
a river in N France, rising in Aisne department and flowing west to Amiens, then northwest to the English Channel: scene of heavy fighting in World War I. Length: 245 km (152 miles)


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