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Contemporary Examples

Why give the opponents and the comedians and everyone else the ammo?
Anthony Weiner Is Probably Sexting Right Now Michael Tomasky July 29, 2013

Suddenly the ammo inside the cruiser started to pop off, fueled by the fire.
Ted Soqui Photos: L.A. Riots, Then & Now Ted Soqui April 26, 2012

Prep work now short- circuited, Carter kicked the ammo cans out of the way and snatched up the stretcher.
Ty Carter Awarded Medal of Honor David Eisler, Jake Tapper August 30, 2013

The newscasters in Moscow reporting on Putin’s state visits are more predictable, and where RT critics get their ammo.
I Love the Julian Assange Show! Tracy Quan July 2, 2012

Loughner then went to another Walmart northwest of his house, bought the ammo and the black bag, and headed for home.
Jared Loughner’s Path in Hours Before Arizona Shooting Claire Martin, Masada Siegel January 12, 2011

Historical Examples

His encased body being slid, stuffed, jammed into something like a wad of ammo into a barrel.
By Earthlight Bryce Walton

Some day our ammo will be gone, no matter how careful we are with it.
Project Mastodon Clifford Donald Simak

Close by is the meeting-place of the sources of the ammo Chu.
The Unveiling of Lhasa Edmund Candler

They fly without guns, or ammo, and have extra tanks fitted.
Dave Dawson with the Commandos R. Sidney Bowen

We were out of bombs, Jerry had lost his rifle, and mine had no “ammo.”
A Yankee in the Trenches R. Derby Holmes

(informal) short for ammunition

1917, shortened form of ammunition.


: The fat ammo barge rocked up and down


Ammunition: The platoon is out of ammo (1930+)
Information and other material that may be used in a debate, campaign, expose´, etc: Your shabby personal life gives lots of ammo to the opposition
Toilet paper



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