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Ammonium chloride

a white, crystalline, water-soluble powder, NH 4 Cl, which produces a cooling sensation on the tongue, used chiefly in the manufacture of dry cells, in electroplating, and in medicine as an expectorant.
Historical Examples

The solution is filtered off, boiled till free of sulphuretted hydrogen, and ammonium chloride and ammonia added.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 1 Various

Reference has already been made to such systems in the case of ammonium chloride.
The Phase Rule and Its Applications Alexander Findlay

White Ribbon Remedy was found to be made of milk sugar and ammonium chloride.
Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why Martha M. Allen

On being heated, ammonium chloride dissociates into ammonia and hydrogen chloride.
The Phase Rule and Its Applications Alexander Findlay

Similarly, we might expect some stripping action by ammonia and ammonium chloride, with the formation of chrome ammonia complexes.
Animal Proteins Hugh Garner Bennett

Densite: alkaline nitrates, trinitrotoluene, dinitrotoluene, and ammonium chloride.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia Various

So far, therefore, ammonium chloride behaves like calcium carbonate.
The Phase Rule and Its Applications Alexander Findlay

Double decomposition occurs with the formation of ammonium chloride and sodium bicarbonate.
Soap-Making Manual E. G. Thomssen

No dung bate is used, but the goods are washed with water and bated with ammonium chloride and boric acid.
Animal Proteins Hugh Garner Bennett

The sodium chlorate and ammonium chloride are dissolved in 6½ gallons and the copper sulphate separately in 5½ gallons water.
The Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics Franklin Beech

a white soluble crystalline solid used chiefly as an electrolyte in dry batteries and as a mordant and soldering flux. Formula: NH4Cl Also called sal ammoniac
ammonium chloride
A white crystalline compound used in dry cells, as a soldering flux, and as an expectorant. Also called sal ammoniac. Chemical formula: NH4Cl.


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