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a person affected by amnesia.
Also, amnesic
[am-nee-sik, -zik] /æmˈni sɪk, -zɪk/ (Show IPA). displaying the symptoms of amnesia.
Historical Examples

It is that of Louis V., a severe male hysteric with amnesic alternating character.
Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology C. G. Jung

“Imitate it,” directed Mrs. Vail, and to the best of my ability I talked in the monotonous tones of the amnesic victim.
The Man Who Fell Through the Earth Carolyn Wells


“pertaining to amnesia,” 1863; see amnesia + -ic.

“one affected by amnesia,” 1913, from amnesia (q.v.).

amnesic am·ne·sic (ām-nē’zĭk, -sĭk)
Relating to or affected with amnesia.

amnesiac am·ne·si·ac (ām-nē’zē-āk’, -zhē-āk’)
One who is afflicted with amnesia.


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