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a god in whom Amen and Ra were combined: the god of the universe and the supreme Egyptian god during the period of Theban political supremacy.
Historical Examples

Such was this mighty triad, but of these the greatest was Amon-Ra, to whom the shrine was dedicated.
Moon of Israel H. Rider Haggard

Wish not for yourself a thing belonging to Amon-Ra, king of the gods.
The Treasury of Ancient Egypt Arthur E. P. B. Weigall

At the head of the sanctuary sat the statue of Amon-Ra, thrice the size of a man.
Moon of Israel H. Rider Haggard

The Amon-Ra cult regained its political ascendancy with the rise of the nineteenth dynasty.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia Various

“Well, let us build a residence for Amon-Ra,” said the pharaoh.
The Pharaoh and the Priest Alexander Glovatski

But it was Amon-Ra that became supreme from the fourteenth century onward.
Introduction to the History of Religions Crawford Howell Toy

We stood in the sanctuary of the ancient temple of Amon-Ra, that was lit with many lamps.
Moon of Israel H. Rider Haggard

The priesthood of Amon-Ra was the greatest political factor in Egyptian life.
The Treasury of Ancient Egypt Arthur E. P. B. Weigall

I replied, ‘I have come to get wood for the great and august barge of Amon-Ra, king of the gods.
The Treasury of Ancient Egypt Arthur E. P. B. Weigall

They fell down, down, as minute followed minute, till at length they rested like a sword of flame upon the statue of Amon-Ra.
Moon of Israel H. Rider Haggard

(Egyptian myth) the sun-god; the principal deity during the period of Theban hegemony


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