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  • Amorini

    a putto represented as an infant cupid. Historical Examples A troubadour and a singing girl amuse them with songs, amorini flutter around them and wave their torches. Six Centuries of Painting Randall Davies It soon degenerated into “earthly loves” and “cupids,” or amorini as they were termed and as we now understand them. Fictitious & […]

  • Amorino

    a putto represented as an infant cupid. Historical Examples The “amorino” was evidently and rudely urging his advances upon the girl, and she kept him back, crimsoned with blushes. Captain Mansana and Mother’s Hands Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson

  • Amorist

    a person who is devoted to love and lovemaking. a person who writes about love. Historical Examples In the account of this celebrated Arabian amorist, we come upon a very pretty story. A Boswell of Baghdad E. V. Lucas This letter, if it had been written by an amorist, would seem either base or priggish. […]

  • Amorite

    a member of one of the principal tribes, or nations, of Canaan before its conquest by the Israelites. II Sam. 12:26–31. the Semitic language of the Amorites. Historical Examples The Amorite chieftain then questioned Sinuhe concerning his flight. Archology and the Bible George A. Barton The Egyptian language was understood at the court of the […]

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