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a male or female given name.
Contemporary Examples

Punch was named publisher and as his first act fired Amory Bradford.
Trying Times at The New York Times Alex S. Jones September 30, 2012

Historical Examples

It was as if he hesitated to call her Amory, and refused to call her Mrs. Pratt.
Gray youth Oliver Onions

Amory felt a stir of most unnecessary emotion; he understood Tom.
Quaint Courtships Various

Within two weeks Amory and Rosalind were deeply and passionately in love.
This Side of Paradise F. Scott Fitzgerald

“It seems that Miss Amory wishes to speak to me,” he said to his companions.
In Connection with the De Willoughby Claim Frances Hodgson Burnett

Amory would seek Cosimo that morning; without Cosimo nothing could be done.
Gray youth Oliver Onions

For information leading to the whereabouts of Amory Manning.
The Man Who Fell Through the Earth Carolyn Wells

And at this, Amory turned away with a look that could be made to mean whatever Amory meant.
Romance Island Zona Gale

Therefore Amory did not answer when her friend asked her what was the matter.
Gray youth Oliver Onions

Her reason for leaving early was to warn Amory that guests might be expected at Cheyne Walk that evening.
Gray youth Oliver Onions


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