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Historical Examples

The blacks were frothing crazy now, shaking and tearing at their chains and shrieking the name of amra like an invocation.
The Hour of the Dragon Robert E. Howard

Let Argos forget amra, and let my dealings with him be lost in the dust of the past.
The Hour of the Dragon Robert E. Howard

amra saw the remaining giant looming above him like a colossus carved of ice, etched against the glowing sky.
Gods of the North Robert E. Howard

And from the waist rose a shout that swelled to a mighty roar: ‘amra!
The Hour of the Dragon Robert E. Howard

amra staggered and his vision was filled with red sparks as the blade shivered into bits of blue fire on his helmet.
Gods of the North Robert E. Howard

My dwelling place is further than you can walk, amra of Akbitana!
Gods of the North Robert E. Howard

amra opened his eyes and stared into the bearded faces that bent over him.
Gods of the North Robert E. Howard

“We live,” grunted the Aesir, busy over amra’s half-frozen feet.
Gods of the North Robert E. Howard

In a cold dark universe, whose sun was extinguished eons ago, amra felt the movement of life, alien and un-guessed.
Gods of the North Robert E. Howard

In the commentary to the amra of Columbkille a beautiful poem on winter is attributed to Finn.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 5 Various


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