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a city in and the official capital of the Netherlands.
Compare .
a city in E New York.
Contemporary Examples

Lagos is notoriously lax for security, but Amsterdam is considered one of the better European capitals at screening.
Missed Warning Signs Gerald Posner December 25, 2009

The duo drove to Amsterdam and boarded a plane to Vancouver.
Mother of Los Angeles’ Alleged Arsonist Had a Wild Life Christine Pelisek January 13, 2012

In Amsterdam, alcoholic street people are doing public service work and getting paid each day, in part, with cans of beer.
Why Everyone Should Copy Amsterdam’s Beer-for-Work Scheme Nadette De Visser January 11, 2014

Banks grew up far from the trailer park—up on 152nd St. and Amsterdam in Harlem.
Azealia Banks Opens Up About Her Journey from Stripping to Rap Stardom Marlow Stern November 16, 2014

But as he worked on the epidemic locally in Amsterdam and Western Europe, Lange also was thinking globally.
HIV’s Greatest Foe Went Down With MH17 Kent Sepkowitz July 17, 2014

Historical Examples

Her palace at The Hague is pretty, but simple, while she finds the one in Amsterdam too large and too expensive for common use.
Ways of War and Peace Delia Austrian

My gems I take to Amsterdam for sale, and I go abroad next week.
The Opal Serpent Fergus Hume

A trial shipment of the coffee grown near Batavia was received at Amsterdam in 1706, also a plant for the botanical gardens.
All About Coffee William H. Ukers

This time I landed at Ostend and took the train for Amsterdam.
Bidwell’s Travels, from Wall Street to London Prison Austin Biron Bidwell

Whalebone purfling has been frequently used, particularly by the old Amsterdam makers.
The Violin George Hart

the commercial capital of the Netherlands, a major industrial centre and port on the IJsselmeer, connected with the North Sea by canal: built on about 100 islands within a network of canals. Pop: 737 000 (2003 est)

principal city of the Netherlands; the name is a reference to the dam built on the Amstel river. Prevalence of dam in Dutch place names reflects the geography of Holland.

Capital of The Netherlands, located in the west-central region of the country.

Note: Seat of one of the world’s chief stock exchanges and a center of the diamond-cutting industry, the city is also known for its canals and for a great art museum, the Rijksmuseum.


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