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pleasantly entertaining or diverting:
an amusing speaker.
causing laughter or mirth; humorously entertaining:
an amusing joke.
Contemporary Examples

The choice of the van, traditionally considered a vehicle for trapping women, amusingly turns the convention on its head.
Scarlett Johansson is an Alien Seductress in ‘Under the Skin’ Jimmy So April 2, 2014

Though, amusingly, not necessarily at the juncture that she would most prefer.
House of Cruz: the Making of Ted Cruz Michelle Cottle October 31, 2013

From the outside, the behavior looks the same, and can lead to some amusingly wrong conclusions.
Contraception Looks Like a Loser at the Supreme Court Jay Michaelson March 24, 2014

Plushenko himself, an amusingly sore loser, played along by all-but-gay-baiting the Americans.
Russia’s Olympic Choke Job Michael Idov February 25, 2010

She also nicely and amusingly recreates the complex party politics of the day.
Why Can’t Our Politics Improve Like Our Medicine? David Frum February 22, 2013

Historical Examples

But in truth the kind of charity which you ask of me so amusingly can be found everywhere.
Benjamin Franklin; Self-Revealed, Volume I (of 2) Wiliam Cabell Bruce

We went to every kind of shop; they are amusingly different from ours.
An Ohio Woman in the Philippines Emily Bronson Conger

The first night of one of these seasons is most amusingly described by the biographer of Rossini.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine–Vol. 54, No. 333, July 1843 Various

On the other hand, some writers have been amusingly overestimated.
The Greatest English Classic Cleland Boyd McAfee

Mrs Moodie has an amusingly naf chapter on this subject, concerning which she has collected some curious anecdotes.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 71, No. 437, March 1852 Various

mildly entertaining; pleasantly diverting; causing a smile or laugh

c.1600, “cheating;” present participle adjective from amuse (v.). Sense of “interesting” is from 1712; that of “pleasantly entertaining, tickling to the fancy” is from 1826. Noted late 1920s as a vogue word. Amusive has been tried in all senses since 18c. and might be useful, but it never caught on. Related: Amusingly.


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