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amyelonic a·my·e·lon·ic (ā-mī’ə-lŏn’ĭk, ə-mī’-) or a·my·e·lo·ic (-lō’ĭk)


Lacking bone marrow or lacking the functional participation of bone marrow in hemopoiesis.


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  • Amyelous

    congenital absence of the spinal cord. amyelous a·my·e·lous (ə-mī’ə-ləs) adj. Relating to or characterized by the total or partial absence of a spinal cord. amyelia a·my·e·li·a (ā’mī-ē’lē-ə, ām’ī-) n. Congenital absence of the spinal cord. a’my·el’ic (-ěl’ĭk, -ē’lĭk) adj.

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