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  • Amygdaline

    of, relating to, or resembling an almond. Historical Examples Amygdalin, amygdaline, a-mig′da-lin, n. a crystalline principle existing in the kernel of bitter almonds. Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various adjective (anatomy) of or relating to a tonsil of or resembling almonds amygdaline a·myg·da·line (ə-mĭg’də-lĭn, -līn’) adj. Relating to or resembling an […]

  • Amygdaloid

    a volcanic rock in which rounded cavities formed by the expansion of gas or steam have later become filled with deposits of various minerals. (of rocks) containing amygdules. . Anatomy. of or relating to an amygdala. Historical Examples They are composed of clay mixed with gravel, and covered with a wall of amygdaloid. Diplomatic Days […]

  • Amygdaloid fossa

    amygdaloid fossa amygdaloid fossa n. See tonsillar fossa.

  • Amygdaloid nucleus

    amygdaloid nucleus amygdaloid nucleus n. See amygdala.

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