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a collection of miscellaneous information about a particular subject, person, place, or thing.
an item in such a collection, as an anecdote, a memorable saying, etc.
(of ingredients in pharmaceutical prescriptions) in equal quantities; of each. Symbol: a̅a̅, āa.
a prefix in loanwords from Greek, where it means “up,” “against,” “back,” “re-”: anabasis; used in the formation of compound words:
a suffix that forms collective nouns denoting an assembly of items, as household objects, art, books, or maps, or a description of such items, as a bibliography, all of which are representative of or associated with the place, person, or period named by the stem:
Americana; Shakespeareana; Victoriana.
American Newspaper Association.
American Nurses Association.
Association of National Advertisers.
Contemporary Examples

The Ecuadorean ambassador, ana Alban, was forced to dash home to fetch a blow-up mattress for Assange to sleep on.
Julian Assange’s New Digs At The Ecuadorian Embassy Justin Green August 23, 2012

ana Finel Honigman spoke to his inner circle—including Ryan McGinley and Terence Koh, who share never-before-seen images of Snow.
Dash Snow: Death of an Art Star Ana Finel Honigman July 15, 2009

By ana Marie Cox Just in time for Christmas, Glenn Beck goes for hipster-chic as a conservative fashion statement.
Seven Must-Read Stories About North Korea, Police Deaths and Glenn Beck The Daily Beast December 26, 2014

She was naturalized at 14 and changed her Spanish name, ana, to Anne.
French Vote Thrusts Two Women Into the Spotlight Tracy McNicoll March 30, 2014

Undaunted, she complained in an email to Berg and CEO ana Maria Chávez and got a second, much more attentive, phone meeting.
Why Are Girl Scout Camps Being Closed? Alessandra Rafferty January 11, 2014

Historical Examples

ana leaned forward, “Why then, actually, you’re a traitor to Russia.”
Revolution Dallas McCord Reynolds

He brought up the subject some time later when he was alone with ana.
Revolution Dallas McCord Reynolds

This new sign of Raquel’s disfavor at every mention of the Americanos gave ana several unpleasant moments.
For the Soul of Rafael Marah Ellis Ryan

I had been in London for six weeks; ana in no other place had I been alone for so long.
The Memoires of Casanova, Complete Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

With the ana perched on his shoulder, the green rod and the bag of food in his hands, he stepped out onto the moss sod.
The People of the Crater Andrew North

(pharmacol, obsolete) (of ingredients in a prescription) in equal quantities aa
a collection of reminiscences, sketches, etc, of or about a person or place
an item of or for such a collection

a name for anorexia, esp when used as a personification of the disease by its sufferers
a person who identifies himself or herself as an anorexic

Article Number Association: (in Britain) an organization of manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers that provides a system (article numbering) by which a product is identified by a unique machine-readable number compatible with article-numbering systems used in other countries
up; upwards: anadromous
again: anagram
back; backwards: anatropous
denoting a collection of objects or information relating to a particular individual, subject, or place: Shakespeareana, Victoriana, Americana

before verbs an-, prefix meaning 1. “upward,” 2. “back, backward, against,” 3. “again, anew,” from Greek ana- “up to, toward, exceedingly, back, against,” from ana “up, on, upon, throughout, again,” cognate with Old English on, from PIE root *ano- “on, upon, above” (see on).

or ana, word-forming element denoting “collection of sayings, gossip, etc. connected with a person or place,” early 18c., originally the neuter plural ending of Latin adjectives ending in -anus “pertaining to,” from PIE adjectival suffix *-no-.

ana an·a (ān’ə)
Both in the same quantity; of each. Used to refer to ingredients in prescriptions.

ana- pref.

Upward; up: anacrotic.

Backward; back: anaplasia.

Again; anew: anabiosis.

Administration for Native Americans
American Newspaper Association
American Nurses Association
Anaheim Angels
antinuclear antibody
Association of National Advertisers


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