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of or relating to refraction.
Historical Examples

anaclastic, an-a-klas′tik, adj. pertaining to refraction: bending back.
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various


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  • Anacletus

    flourished 1st century a.d, pope 76–88. Historical Examples Anacletus stayed in Rome, but Innocent crossed the Alps, and a council was summoned at tampes to decide upon his title. The Law of Civilization and Decay Brooks Adams Pope Anacletus speaks of patriarchs, metropolitans, and primates long before they arose. The Rise of the Mediaeval Church […]

  • Anaclinal

    adjective (of valleys and similar formations) progressing in a direction opposite to the dip of the surrounding rock strata

  • Anaclisis

    the choice of an object of libidinal attachment on the basis of a resemblance to early childhood protective and parental figures. anaclisis an·a·cli·sis (ān’ə-klī’sĭs, ə-nāk’lĭ-) n. Psychological dependence on others.

  • Anaclitic

    exhibiting or pertaining to anaclisis. adjective (psychoanal) of or relating to relationships that are characterized by the strong dependence of one person on others or another anaclitic an·a·clit·ic (ān’ə-klĭt’ĭk) adj. Having a physical and emotional dependence on another person, especially relating to the dependence of an infant on a mother or surrogate mother.

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